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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  November 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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not uncommon on bay area beaches, but take look at this. thousands of them. marine biologists are trying to determine what led the jellyfish to wash ashore in san francisco today. monty francis is there with the story for us. hello, monty. >> reporter: good evening. the tide came in about an hour ago, so there's not much to see right now, but look at this video from earlier this evening. as you said, tens of thousands of jellyfish lined the shore here at ocean beach for about three miles. a spokesman for the national parks service said scientists are now looking into the phenomenon. he told me this was a rare occurrence for ocean beach and the last time something like this happened was about seven
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years ago. these are most likely moon jellyfi jellyfi jellyfish. >> i have to watch my step. the dogs seem to be a little puzzled by them. >> it's interesting, very unique. probably the most jellyfish i've ever seen at the beach actually. >> reporter: now take a look at some photos posted on twitter today. you can get get an idea of how much where she willy fish were on the beach. the parks service that number is in the tens of thousands. they said currants and tides can cause this. the park service also has a marine biologist who is looking into this. >> thank you, monty. in the north bay, police are searching for a man suspected of shooting and killing two people this morning.
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it happened on crowley lane. investigators say around 6:00 last night, ricardo deleone argued with his girlfriend and her new boyfriend. during the fight, he reportically threatened to come back and kill them. that's presicily what he did. he may be driving this white van with a blue stripe down the side and wearing a 49ers jacket. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. is san jose police department has a new boss. chris moore is the new interm chief. a master's in san jose state and law degree from lincoln. in 1982, he came a police officer as well. kris sanchez spoke with moore and also discussed his plans to deal with controversial issues
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in san jose. >> reporter: chris moore is jumping in with both feet. not just the acting chief of police, he is also a candidate for that job. today, that means helping to reopen a fire house in alamrom. every day, it means dealing with a shrinking budget. >> we need to get to a point where we're stable or sustainable so we have a police force that can police a city of a million people. >> reporter: add to that, trouble with trust. some question why two offers are returning to patrol this weekend. others accuse them of racial pro filing. they've chained some of their policies in response to that. >> police work has changed over the last 30 years. we have invested in new technologies which have helped this profession. >> reporter: he says he gets how important it is to feel represented.
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>> i'll spend a lot more time on the streets, in the briefings, so they understand they have somebody in uniform with them. >> reporter: at the end of the day, moore says if the city chooses a more qualified candidate, he will accept that decision. >> he was he served with janet reno and was awarded a scholarship to study in london. a statewide task force now claims voter approved bans on where sex offenders can live are making the streets more dangerous. the law makes it illegal for sex offenders to live near schools and park. in some communities, it means there is nowhere for them to live legally, so they end up on the streets, where they are harder to track. jessica's law has led to a
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24-fold increase among sex offenders. it recommends the ban be overturned and parole agents should be in charge of setting targeted residency limits. proposition 19 failed to pass. despite that, we're told the industry continues to thrive. the can bas university expanding this weekend. >> reporter: a room full of students. >> there's couples trying to get into the industry because they're struggling. others are advocates and others who are probably just interested in the business aspect of it because they see people making money. >> reporter: michael greene signed up for the class for the weekend. >> the more we know about medical can bus, the better we
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can grow the industry. >> reporter: it has created thousands of new jobs in california. >> we teach people how to grow marijuana, thousand cook with marijuana. how to start their own business. >> reporter: but with the recent defeat of prop 19, many question whether universities like this should even exist. >> you need to do it legally. fill out the right paperwork, do your taxes. and be legal in the state. >> reporter: california is one of 15 states that allows the use of medical marijuana. >> i got six plants growing and they're for my personal use and so i just want to be protected. >> reporter: these students have joined thousands of people who have taken similar classes around the country looking for a niche in a budding industry. up next, pepper spray attacks and cell phones. a warning in one bay area city. too many homeless pets in a bad economy. that has led to an amazing offer
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san francisco police are warning people about thieves using pepper spray as their weapon of choice. they say the criminals are watching for folks who are distracted and then surprising them with pepper spray. police say the thieves victimized five people this way.
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some were kicked and one says he was hit in the head. >> as soon as i got past seeing them, they hit me in the back with either a two by four or baseball bat. >> police say they don't have a suspect's description because the victims couldn't see after getting spray. one of the victims did see the thieves flee in a saturn after stealing from him. south bay humane society is teaming up with a pet store in hopes of finding more homes for pets. they celebrated the opening of the latest adoption center. those looking for a pet can find cats, pigs, rabbits and dogs are able on the weekends. >> we're thrilled to be here with a full-time satellite adoption center. it really extends our reach into the community. makes it more convenient for
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people to adopt a pet. that's what we're all about. saving and enhancing lives, adopt first. >> silicon valley's adoption society is partnering with three other bay area shelters and offering cats for $10 during november. usually, adopting a cat costs 100 to $175 each. hundreds came out for the opening of santa grande today. the event was designed to take you back to the 1850s. the house now serves as a museum, but back in the day, it was a place for the top. the house in the area didn't mine for gold, but for mercury. it was built in 1854 and closed for repairs in 2009 and received about $5 million worth of restorations. still to come, just back
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from one of the country's biggest environmental disasters, we'll check in with members of a bay area coast guard team who helped clean up that oil spill. plus, sick of all those unwanted catalogs? how to get rid of them for good. and a little windy out there. we'll have more tomw cold weekend a cold weekend next weekend. i'll have the seven day coming right up. n
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can see, lots of crafts. a coast guard crew return after six months away, but it wasn't a usual tour of duty. they and their ship helped with one of the nation's biggest environmental disasters. ♪ >> reporter: there are few sights better after a long trip than the home port. it's been five and a half months since the coast guard hugged its home dock. it's family and friends crowded the pier, the ship glided into port. >> feels great to be home. tas great homecoming. >> reporter: there were hugs and cheers and children that seemed bigger. >> since they've been gone for five and a half months, it's like i would get the flutter in my stomach.
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>> reporter: the joyful home comes caps a unique adventure for the 49-member crew. in may, they were called to the gulf of mexico for the massive oil spill. >> we skimmed for 11 months. just protected the beach was our main job. >> reporter: it's the first time in coast guard history this class of ship has been used to skim oil. this video shows the sister ship at work in the gulf. >> we skimmed 138,000 gallons of oil that would have ended up on the beach or marshes. >> reporter: for the crew, temperatures of up to 108 degrees was eased by the sense of need. >> we're here, this is it. we're right at the spot. seeing the way, the devastation, how bad the oil was, it was kind of humbling. >> reporter: it was a job not lost on those waiting on the docks. >> he was skimming oil to save
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the ocean. >> this morning, we were coming in and the golden gate bridge was coming out from the haze and it was the best sight, second best site. the first was seeing my wife. >> reporter: with the crew home, safe and sound, it was a mission accomplished. that is until the next call. we've got craig here checking out the weather and we're going to have a little more of the same. >> more winds, more sunshine, too, which is nice. look at this camera here. this will explain it. this is -- quite a bit. this is san bruno mountain. some of those wind gusts today were closer to 50 miles per hour. down across the lower lying areas, about 9 to 12 miles per hour. right now, we've got a live shot of san francisco. al ka traz in the distance.
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angel island, just clear conditions. beautiful from oakland to the bay bridge. across our inland spots, if you're getting ready to head out, coat needs for the wind coming through. no rain though. we don't have that until next weekend. next weekend is a whole different story. finally, san jose right downtown and a nice evening. we actually managed some 70s today. 70 in san francisco. 75 in san jose and mid and upper 70s for the north end of the bay. another big story was some of the wind and wind gusts. 60 mile per hour gusts this afternoon. most other bay area locations from sfo to about 24, san jose. across fairfield over to the trivalley area, 28 to 30 mile per hour gusts. we'll see more of these tomorrow afternoon and through the evening hours and as we get to
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monday, some of the winds start to calm down. we cool off towards the end of the week. right now, the wind is coming out of the northwest in oakland at 8 miles per hour. calm winds toward livermore and hayward. we've got a wind advisory in place through monday through 10:00. this is for the north bay hills. the east bay hills included and across the sierras. if you have a high profile vehicle or are towing something, be prepared for gusty winds. these two together are giving us gusty winds. you'll notice going into the pacific northwest, into oregon and washington, are getting a lot of rain. for us, we have the wind through
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tomorrow. more 70s in the forecast. the wind coming through is a dry, warmer wind. also bringing the numbers up. 75 for morgan hill. in san jose right about the same. santa clara valley in the 70s. san francisco tomorrow, very close to 70 degrees and at the beaches, we're dealing with mid and upper 60s. concord, 75. oakland, closer to the lower 70s. petaluma, dealing with mid-70s. seven-day forecast, we'll stay with this through monday. on wednesday, we start to cool down. thursday, friday, we're cooling down and saturday and sunday, great and cold. possibly some snow in the bay area hills. it's early, but it's going to be a cold system. >> okay. that's kind of exciting, actually. up next, why one country thks facebook needs a morality check. we'll be right back. right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab.
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at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled for the best web browsing experience. get yours at verizon. one middle east rn country
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defriended facebook. saudi arabia cut access today for several hours. no official word, but there are reports that the country was unhappy with facebook, quote, crossing the line against the country's conservative values. there was no specific example of who they did not like or if anything changed to allow them to open access later. bangladesh posed temporary bans this year as well. we're close to the holiday season and with all the deals coming our way, so are the catalogs. 19 million are mailed out each year and it takes about 53 million trees to produce them. consumers often just toss them in recycle bin or worse, in the trash. >> anytime you're producing something out of paper, there's trees involved, wood involved.
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there's i think. how it's mailed to your house. a lot of components to it that have an environmental impact. >> one option to stop the mail, sign up for catalogchoice.coorg. it's a free service that lets you opt out. right now, we're opting into some sports. >> we've got a lot of stuff going on including college football. some exciting games going on. stanford may be bcs bounds, the cardinals need to avoid a big trap. plus, don't count out the bears. trying to pull off an upset. and trying to bring another eathono e thshpio are y orsps i.xtne
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everyone except the stanford football team. the cardinals are wearing out the one game at a time cliche. with that comes some possible up states. that's what arizona state is eyeing this weekend. the plunge. one-yard score. the cardinal go up 7-0. but later on in the first, the sun devils keeping things close. the touchdown from four yards out ties things at seven. 7-7 is your score. the cal bears all about it as the crew tries to knock off oregon. they did strike first. first quarter, here come the bears. shane squeezes through. diane, just for you. >> appreciate that. >> 10-0, bears. special teams.
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special teams. brian anger with the punt. 64-yard return. the ducks get the two-point conversion. they added another, so they are leading 15-7 in the third quarter. to the big ten now where sixth-ranked wisconsin put up basketball type numbers today. the badgers putting up their best offensive performance in years. that would be 11 touchdowns and a pair of field goals. the badgers now t 9-1. and bucky the mascot may need a little medical attention. that would be a total of 573 today. and it looks like the warriors are actually a big hit for the wall lets. in honor of their first game,
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tickets are 50% off as are all concessions during the game. not a bad deal. david lee will not be on the court for that battle, but he is on the road to recovering. not only has the teeth fragments been remove. he was released this morning and will miss tonight's and monday's game, but will be checked later in the week. no one expected them to do anything this postseason and now, they're on their way to a championship. no, we're not talking about the giants. earthquakes are two wins away. this evening, san jose in colorado with a winner advancing to the championship game. in order to get here, the quakes with respe weren't getting things done. they had to knock off the red bulls in new york, which they
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did. now, a piece of magic going a little longer. >> it's not the pressure on one person. everyone has a role and if everyone plays well, we win. >> we're blue collar boys. we don't want the wins to go for nothing. >> bad news for a local franchise. having a championship and the best player on the world not even to save the bay area women's soccer team. it cannot find an investor. that's despite an extenned deadline. >> that is too bad to hear. thanks a lot. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. see you back here tonight at 11:00 and until then, good night. coming up .. another tech giant taking a shot at your tv .. another


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